Thursday, March 12, 2009

As a person who inspired by her kindness and love. ...

When I'm with you,
eternity is a step away,my love continues to grow,with each passing day.This treasure of love,I cherish within my soul,how much I love'll never really know.You bring a joy to my heart,I've never felt before, with each touch of your hand,I love you more and more.Whenever we say goodbye,
whenever we part,know I hold you dearly,deep inside my heart.So these seven words,I pray you hold true,
"Forever And Always, I Will Love You."

Loyal concern..

They gave him an overdose
of anesthetic, and its fog
shut down his heart in seconds.
I tried to hold him, but he was
somewhere else. For so much love
one of the principals is missing,
it's no wonder we confuse love
with longing. Oh I was thick
with both. I wanted my dog
to live forever and while I was
working on impossibilities
I wanted to live forever, too.
I wanted company and to be alone.
I wanted to know how they trash
a stiff ninety-five-pound dog
and I paid them to do it
and not tell me. What else?
I wanted a letter of apology
delivered by decrepit hand,
by someone shattered for each time
I'd had to eat pure pain. I wanted
to weep, not "like a baby,"
in gulps and breath-stretching
howls, but steadily, like an adult,
according to the fiction
that there is work to be done,
and almost inconsolably.

Monday, March 9, 2009

As a health care provider

There so many things that we must have to know about ourselves why is it this field of being health care service provider is really important to me and in the society. To provide a needed service to the society.To advance knowledge in its field.To protect its members and make it possible to practice effectively.A basic profession requires an extended education of its members, as well as a basic liberal foundation.A profession has a theoretical body of knowledge leading to defined skills, abilities and norms.A profession provides a specific service.Members of a profession have autonomy in decision-making and practice.The profession has a code of ethics for practice.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Who trully believe that every morning is a future bring...

Its been always an adventurous and glorious morning everyday as i woke up early as bird in my bed. Showing my face on a shiny and hopeful rising of the sun was made me felt blessed. It's my daily motto and the people all calls it fun. I'm looking for a better future and forgetting about the past.
Now I'm so glad that troubles don't always last. Well, have fun whilst you can 'cos fate's an awful thing. You can't tell what may happen that's the reason i love to sing a song that always been grateful to feel inside my mind and heart. i said in my self, what the beautiful morning i felt the best in life is free. i always keep myself on the rising sun and this beautiful morning changed my mind. however, We have a chance to find the sunshine let's keep on looking for the light.

As a Christ centered person who knows the seeker of Truth

I am not the Seeker, who is? The answer could be that in reality there is no seeker as such, but instead an impulsive, in-built need to seek something that has been programmed within me. Something within the ego (me) pushes my thought and emotional processes to seek whatever is written in the programming of my mind. However, I think that I want to seek something, when in reality it is the impulse within that pushes me to act. If we take a computer for example, we know that for it to function it needs to have inbuilt special computer programs. In the same manner, we have as human being an innate, ingrained program with which we are born and which I have previously called our natural "blue print" or the "Perfect Model". To make it sound more mystical and nearer to the truth, I have always called this programming with the name of the Psyche. Each human being has of course a Psyche, which has been programmed before incarnation. Therefore the seeking in human beings depends on the programming, over which, we as human beings have no control. Let us take some examples. There are some people who consider themselves seekers of money. Some seek fame. Some seek power. And some seek among other things to known themselves and to know God. This kind of seeking, let's call it spiritual seeking, or seeking Absolute Being or God, and seeking freedom from the ego.Is happening to everyone through the impulses coming from their mind, which bridges and links the Unlimited aspect of Consciousness which is Absolute and Infinite to its “shadow” or limited and subjective aspect that is anchored and engrained in every human being, because each person’s mind has been programmed before birth for a certain kind of seeking to happen.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Philosophy of My Life Asking Who Am I?

Who Am I? " I remember a vivid dream that I had when I began my spiritual quest more than 10 years ago... in which enlightened masters who were watching and interrogating me... encircled me. I will never forget their question.. "In the spiritual world I am a cosmic being...and in the material world I am called Brando...etc." I didn't know better then... and as a "cosmic" being or as "Brando" I still gave a limited view of who I thought I was... Because whatever I "Think" I am, can only be a self-image a projection of a thought that I have and identify with... and yet we know that thoughts change, ideas about ourselves change also, from day to day and from moment to moment... The opinions and the way that others perceive us, not only change, but are often different and sometimes even conflicting, yet they do send us images about how others perceive us... and these perceptions about who other people think we are, do influence our own perception of ourselves... Our moods, thoughts emotions change with our experiences, anger, vulnerability, fear, bereavement, and the loss of a job can make us change the image that we have of ourselves... So, we can understand that we cannot rely on these fleeting and changing images that we have of ourselves...And to know what we are not, we must WATCH ourselves thoroughly...carefully rejecting all that does not bring us back to the basic experience of "I AM"...

I was looking at myself as an "object" and therefore "when here in the spiritual world I am a Cosmic being - "and when I am in the physical world I am called Brando" Because the answers came from mental thoughts, ideas and images that I had about myself... thus, without knowing it I saw myself as an "object" ... I am this cosmic being when in the Spiritual world... and I am that person when in a physical body" Therefore, I automatically separated myself from who I AM.

To find out and learn to question yourself about who and what you really are, you should try to separate regularly and constantly the "I AM" from the "I am this or that..." the moment you add this or that, you look at yourself as an "object" and an object you certainly are NOT... and while you are questioning yourself, try to feel and experience deeply what you really are...and what it means to just BE... feel the I AM...empty of anything else... without adding I am ...this...or that... be conscious of not having images of any sub personality...You will find out that to feel EMPTY and just be the pure "I AM" will be difficult, but worth all the effort...

“ To know who and what you are you must first find who and what you are not"